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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dear Grandma... I wish you could have met him

Hi Grandma.

I miss you. I can't think about you without a painful surge in my throat and an immediate need for tissues. I wish that I had been better to you.... a better grandaughter. You adored me and gave me the most Love that I have ever received in my life. You were always there.... even if some of the things which you said were impolite and to the point - you always gave it to me straight. No matter what. Thank you. I miss your funny sense of humor and your sharp wit. You were a phenomenal woman. You were the epitome of the NY Jewish Bubby (Grandma - for the yiddish challenged)

I'm eating very well these days. I don't eat animals or milk or cheese... no hardboiled eggs. Some of the food that you Loved would cause me to run today... but I know how important it was to you that I ate well. I wanted you to know that. I eat very well. I also feed my children very well. No twizzlers.... I know how you Loved to feed me those. I did enjoy them when I was little. Thank you for sneaking them into the movie theater all the time.

I wish you could have met Quinn Grandma. You would really Love him. He is respectful and kind and selfless and honest. You would definitely find him handsome and worthy. I am so very sorry that you won't ever have a chance to meet him. I know that he would make you smile often. You two would get along quite nicely.