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Friday, February 18, 2011

Gratitude Lists and Healthy Oxygen Flow

So lately... I've been doing a bit of a private blog about my struggles with parenting after a childhood of turmoil. I wanted to come here and share some things in public which I felt would benefit others.

Thankfulness and breathing. Two of my favorite states. If you follow your breath you will find beautiful terrain. There is a peaceful path and joyful journey in letting go of your thoughts and entering the blissful state of no mind while breathing very deeply and relaxed.

I make an effort to write in a gratitude journal every day - if I am feeling rather productive I will write in this journal twice a day, but I must at least write in it once daily. If I am rather lazy I will make mental lists and I fail to write them out.... but I try to stay away from doing so because it becomes far too easy to let my gratitude journal slip away from me if I don't stick to developing that habit.

I thought - I might try and start posting to the 'Fruit of Now' regularly with excerpts from my gratitude journal.

Here is the list for this morning:

~ The truth that sets me free
~ Making good choices in my dream last night instead of repeating the same old patterns.
~ Recognizing that Love is better when you give it away.
~ A relationship in which I am constantly a priority and my hapiness is tended to often by my partner.... and that feeling his hapiness is priority to me - it feels good to be selfless
~ For new friends from across the miles.

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